Initial Consultation

The first step in our process is to meet with you to discuss your project. It is our objective during this meeting, to gain an understanding of your specific goals for the project, and to access how we may be able to help you to achieve these goals.

Additionally, during this initial meeting, we would like to understand what your expectations are for your envolment during the construction. Will you be making the decisions, or will your architect, and / or designer be making the decisions?

This allows us to then structure the process around you. Some clients may prefer to be fully envolved in the construction, while others may have limited time, and would prefer weekly updates, with monthly meetings.

Project Pricing

After the initial consulation, and after your architectural drawings have been completed, we will work on developing pricing for your project, and ultimately, a Contract Presentation. Depending upon the complexities of the project, this process generally will take 2 to 3 weeks. Before ths process begins, we will give you a definative date, as to when you can expect us to deliver a Contract Presentation to you.

During this time, we will be working with you to discuss certain aspect of the project, which may impact costs. Additionally, we may have inital conversations of specific products, or methods, in an effort to be able to provide an accurate accessment of the project costs.

Contract Presentation

During this stage, we will present you with the Contract Documents for the project. These documents will include the Construction Agreement, Warranty Document, as well as the Project Schedule.

We fully disclose all pricing with our clients, and conintue to do so throughout the course of the project. Tranparencey, and Integrity are the foundation on which our agreements are structured.


Once the Contract Documents are finalized, and permits have been issued, Construction will begin. The duration of the project will be identified on the Initial Project Schedule, which is part of the Contract Documents.

During the course of Construction, the schedule will continually be updated, as items are completed, and / or weather delays are encountered. The schedule can be viewed on our online Buildertrend portal.

During the course of construction, we will meet regularly with you, onsite, at our office, at one of our vendors showroom, or via zoom, to discuss various items, and to walk you through the entire process. Some of our clients enjoy being fully involved in the Construction, while others, may prefer weekly updates, and monthly meetings. We will structure the process to meet your specific needs and wishes.

Home Service & Monitoring

After the project is complete, we offer a Home Service & Monitoring program for our clients. This program may vary depending upon the specific home, however, this program may include such items as furnace cleanings, water systems checks, and home monitoring.